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Rus (Mango Pulp)

4 fully ripe mangos (look for a deep red/orange color and fruit that is soft to the touch)


1. In a large bowl, begin to gently squeeze the mango (still in its skin) in a circular motion, taking care not to break the skin.

2. Continue to soften the mango until the pit pulls away from the skin and the mango flesh has become loose. The mango should feel somewhat like a filled water-balloon.

3. Make a small hole at the top of the mango. The small bit of remaining stem is a good place to do this--you may twist it off as if opening a bottle.

4. Squeeze as much of the mango juice and pulp as possible into the large bowl.

5. Repeat for remaining 3 mangos.

6. Mix pulp well with a spoon to ensure even texture. If a smoother pulp is desired, mango may be pureed in a blender for a few seconds.

7. Chill and serve cold as a dessert or with starter rotis or puris.