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Indian Art

Art reflects the people who created it, and India is no exception. It is a mixture of many religious, political, and international influences that reflects the ideas and concerns of its inhabitants. Visual art is created in wood carvings, minatures, paintings, murals, and sculptures. Each medium not only shows events, but also what was important at the time of its creation.

Here are a few examples of minatures and paintings using a style that can be traced to the Mughal age. There is, of course, much more to see. If you would like to learn more, try some of the sources listed below.

Minatures such as those above are done on silk or paper, usually with inks or dyes. Many show courtly love or scenes from India's great epic poems. Others, from the Mughals, are individual portraits or images of architecture.

Further Resources:
Indian miniatures of the Mughal court by Amina Okada
The art of India; traditions of Indian sculpture, painting, and architecture by Stella Kramrisch

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