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Formal Name: The Republic of India
Sanskrit Name: "Bharat", the name of a legendary king in the epic Mahabharat
Capital: New Delhi
Date of Independence: August 15, 1947 from England
Government Type: Federal Republic
Area: 3,287,590 square kilometers
Population: 1,014,003,817 (estimate as of July 2000)
Languages: Hindi (national language), English (associate language), 14 other official languages
Religions: 80% Hindu; 14% Muslim; 2.4% Christian; 2% Sikh
Currency: Rupee
Main Exports: Textiles, gems, jewelry, engineering goods, chemicals, leather goods
Main Imports: Crude oil, petroleum, machinery, gems, fertilizers, chemicals
Natual Resources: Coal, iron ore, mangansese, mica, titanium ore, natural gas, diamonds, petroleum, limestone

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